“What would happen if you gave yourself permission to do something you’ve never                                             done before? There’s only one way to find out.”  ― Gina Greenlee
Retreats are an invitation to “Say Yes” to yourself. Give yourself the gift of time, relaxation, and self-expression. Join me for a day of comfort, community, and creativity at a Writing Retreat in the mountains.  This day is for you. You’ll be given fun, engaging exercises for telling your stories or simply capturing your wild and wandering thoughts on the page. You’ll have the opportunity to read your work aloud for others (if you choose) and hear positive feedback. You’ll have the chance to stand outside among the trees and absorb the serenity and energy of pure, mountain air. You will also be fed (literally and figuratively), encouraged, and cared for in this sacred, creative space.
Beginning and experienced writers are welcome. If you think you can’t write, or you’re “not a writer”, consider this definition by the wonderful author and teacher, Pat Schneider: “A writer is someone who writes.” It’s that simple.
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  • Trigger-fest: Fresh Tricks to trigger CREATIVITY and Overcome Your Blocks

  • Juice Your Juices: squeezing the pulp of your life to make art

  • hope for reluctant writers: Here's why you can do it...and how

  • what happened to you: giving shape and meaning to the story you have to tell

other Services

  • Coaching: Are you a World Class Procrastinator? Let me help you move your project forward with a little motivation momentum. Combining time management, coaching, and triggering techniques, I will help you find the Finish Line...and cross it.

  • Editing: I love semicolons. I love words. I love helping humans express themselves in powerful ways. Give me your tired and poor speeches, essays, website content, presentations, and incomplete sentences. Together, we'll work an alchemy of wonders to create something beautiful, spectacular, and new.

  • Words for Friends...and Family: Do you wish you could write something grand for a loved one on a special occasion? Have a hard time converting your thoughts into words?  Contact me for Odes, Toasts, Vows, and Parodies for Your beloved.

  • Presentations: I give dynamic presentations to diverse audiences on the following topics: cancer, SURVIVORSHIP, writing, writing and healing, using writing to play and problem-solve, and more.

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